Curbside Pickup Only

Due to the recent COVID-19 health outbreak, Urban Fuel will be implementing the following procedures to ensure the safety of our customers and employees.

It’s a crazy world we all live in at the moment ~ everything is changing so quickly. My coffee house once filled with people gathering for laughter and yes some tears have gone from normal dine-in to take-out/curb-side, to EatStreet delivery, and as of today, CLOSED temporarily. Next week April 1st I should be celebrating my 5 years of being open, but instead, I’m praying and hoping we find answers to this horrible virus that is infecting/affecting/effecting our whole world. Seeing people and businesses suffering in my community and all the way around to the other side of the world has been devastating.

Like all of us, I have been taking one day at a time. It has been difficult making changes on the fly. I have been watching local and national news updates and have been following mandated policies and procedures enforced by the health department and government officials. However, the last few weeks have been a struggle. Our food offerings make it hard to maintain our high standards and quality of items we offer that are made daily for you to enjoy. On top of that, my top priority is not running the risk of exposure from either one of us or putting my Urban Fuel family at risk.

I have been blown away by the support of my family, friends and my community. I’m grateful for all that have called or messaged or stopped in for coffee, take-outs and gift cards. Thanks for leaving generous tips, which I promise to forward to help my employees out as much as possible. In the meantime, I will continue to pray for our world and be patiently waiting to open back up stronger than ever.

Love, Terri Deanovich

Coffee may be a non- essential to some of you. However, to me it is not always about the coffee, it is about the connection, and that is essential ~ Te